Latin Disco Songs

Did you know…..
That these Latin disco songs existed? When disco supposedly died in 1979 the gears kept turning and went underground where it split into New Wave and evolved into High Energy, Italo, Techno, House, Trance and… well, you know the rest. Many, many songs flew under the mainstream radar.
At parties, I play the high quality mp3s (320 kbps) recorded from my vinyl. I don’t run any noise reduction filters which reduce the crisp “true” sound. Instead, I locate the pops and eliminate them individually by mix-pasting bits. Yes, it’s more time-consuming but the integrity of the vinyl is saved thus making for amazing acoustic bliss. Here are some “Latin” disco jams.
Two Man Sound – Capital Tropical

Modern Romance – Everybody Salsa

 Blue Rondo a la Turk – Me and Mr. Sanchez (Club Mix)

Nice & Wild – Diamond Girl

Johnny Chingas – Samba

Primero – Oh Que Calor

Magazine 60 – Don Quichotte

Finzy Kontini – Cha Cha Cha

Gibson Brothers – Cuba

Stop – Wake Up

Antonia Rodriguez – La Bamba

Azoto – San Salvador